Mandatory coverage RCA

The compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance coverage is offered by LeasePlan with particularly interesting conditions due to our agreements with leading insurance companies. You can also extend coverage to include insurance for third parties.

In addition, LeasePlan will issue a Green Card valid in all countries that are part of the Green Card System.

Limitation of liability

LeasePlan offers the possibility to choose different options for limitation of liability in the use of rented vehicles, customizing the fee related to these programs

  • Fire and Theft, in whole or in part, and any damage done as part of its recovery.
  • Damage from circulation, resulting from the use of vehicles on the road and other risks such as, for example, glass breakage and acts of vandalism.

In relation to specific customer requirements, the type of limitation of liability can be arranged with our professionals making the most appropriate choice from the different options offered by LeasePlan.

Driver protection cover

LeasePlan offers its customers a program to cover an injured Driver (PI) when the drivers of leased vehicles suffer the injury because of an accident while they are driving the vehicle.

For some combinations of product, the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred for hospital care resulting from an accident while driving the insured vehicle is also guaranteed.

Businessmen talking after car accident

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